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Product Development

              ORing places a high value on product quality and reliability during product planning and development processes with an ultimate
              goal to improve availability, minimize costs, and maximize product life cycle. As a result, ORing has set up a strict and systematic
              product development procedure from idea generation to planning and analysis, research & design, trial and test, pilot run, and
              massive production, to ensure the compatibility of different vertical markets. During the initial stages, highly skilled design engineers
              and experienced project managers from different departments work closely on innovative product design catering to the customer’s
              needs and identify possible problems in order to minimize project risks, reduce product development costs, and guarantees consistent
              product quality and performance. Once the prototype is developed, serious tests will be conducted. All products will be tested and
              improved before entering pilot run and massive production. With in-house design engineering and manufacturing, we can ensure
              quality consistency and minimized risks.

                          Idea Stage            Plan & Analysis           Research & Design

                          Trial & Test              Pilot Run             Massive Production

              Customer-Oriented R&D Capability

              ORing’s innovations are geared to meet customers’ needs.  ORing’s R&D team insists on developing stable, reliable, well-tested, and
              cost-effective industrial networking products.  ORing R&D team accounts for one-third of the total workforce and has a vast knowledge
              and experience in the industry.  ORing’s R&D team work closely with project managers to develop innovative products based on
              customers’ requirements.  Apart from standard products, ORing’s R&D team also conduct customized product design and in-house
              testing to ensure all products meet high quality requirements.  Customers’ feedback will be forwarded to our R&D team so they can
              make product improvements or develop new products that fulfill customers’ expectations.

              Quick Time-to-Market Product Solution

             ORing has been known for its ability to provide products with a swift time-to-market as evidenced by the provisioning of the solution for
             the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail project, also known as the Jinghu High-Speed Rail, in 2010. The whole process from receiving
             the customer's requirements to product delivery took only three months. ORing's R&D team also possesses complete OEM/ODM
             capabilities and expertise in project planning, custom solution development, and technical support.

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