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Leading the Way for Industrial Networking

                                As an IRIS certificated company, ORing has played a leading role in the network industry, and has
                                been devoted to the development of next-generation network communications products and innovative
                                industrial solutions. ORing has developed a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet
                                customers' various needs.
                                ORing’s products and solutions are characterized by 10 Gigabit-level bandwidth, industrial-grade
                                ruggedness, high-power PoE+, POE++ up to 30W/90W support, advanced network redundancy abilities,
                                multi-vendor compatibility, and visualized network management for ease of operation.
                                ORing has launched redundancy technologies and products to ensure fast recovery in the event of
                                network failure such as the self-healing O-Ring and O-Chain (recovery time < 10 ms with up to 250
                                switches) technologies, active hardware-based hacker prevention (Device Binding), high compatibility
                                with other vendors’ products (Open-Ring), powerful network management software (Open-Vision, with
                                Google map features) and centralized management controller (OCS-815).
                                For wireless communications, ORing has developed industrial-grade products conforming to IEEE
                                802.11n and IEEE 802.11ac standards, X-Roaming technology (cross-AP wireless roaming handoff
                                time < 60 ms), X-Mesh technology for large-scale redundant wireless networks and many more. Other
                                products include industrial M2M gateways and 4G LTE cellular routers featuring link aggregation (load
                                balancing) and redundancy technologies.
                                In addition to serial signals, DIDO, Ethernet interfaces and powerful VPN in the M2M gateway to collect
                                data from the SCADA system, ORing has released new-generation 1/ 2/ 4/ 8/ 16-port serial device
                                servers and Modbus gateways with innovative product function.
                                ORing’s products have obtained various certifications, including CE/FCC, UL 60950-1/UL508/C1D2/
                                ATEX/IECEx, IEC-61850-3 for power utilities, EN50155/50121-4 for railway applications, and IEC-60945
                                for marine environments. All of ORing’s products are covered by a warranty for up to 5 years.

                                            Company Overview

                                               Founded in 2005 as a system design house known as Supercom
                                               Provides a wide selection of industrial Ethernet products
                                               Headquartered in Taiwan
                                               Products with  ease of use, high quality, reliability, open architecture, and
                                               advanced network technology
                                               Rugged industrial-grade products designed for harsh environments
                                               Technical expertise in:
                                                   - Ethernet,Protocols,and Internet
                                                   - PoE Solutions
                                                   - Wireless communications
                                                   - Optical Fiber networks
                                                   - Serial Communications
                                                   - Network Management Software

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