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ODM Service

            Besides own-brand products, ORing also offers ODM services to develop fully-customizable solutions for our customers. From design
            integration through prototyping to mass production, we apply our in-depth expertise on manufacturing, quality control, and new
            technology to provide the best, most reliable products for our partners.
            ORing has provided ODM services for several major projects including the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail project in 2010 and the
            Beijing Subway Line 8 project, to name a few. These successful projects have demonstrated ORing's ability to lead large-scale ODM
            projects with high-efficiency and excellence.

            Customer Feedback

            ORing takes customer feedback very seriously. In fact, customer needs are ORing's first priority. Customer feedback serves as
            valuable reference for making improvement in existing products as well as inspiration for future product innovation. Therefore, we have
            built a continuous customer feedback loop throughout the product development cycle in which customer feedback is collected before,
            during, and after product development. We not only listen for customer feedback but also identify customers' unmet needs proactively
            by engaging them during new product development to validate their requirements.

            Technical Support and Quality Assurance

            Comprehensive quality assurance tests are performed on all ORing products throughout the product development cycle to make sure
            the products achieve high quality standards.We have SMT lines that run with high speed mounting and dedicated staff for different QA
            procedures such as stencil cleaning, automatic optical inspection, burn-in testing, and RoHS compliance testing.
            All ORing products are covered by a warrant for up to five years. To provide real-time services to customers, ORing has sales offices
            and distributors around the globe. The OCE (ORing Certification Engineer) training program enables ORing and its distributors to
            provide professional services and support for ORing customers.

                   N2 Generator               SMT Line              Stencil Cleaner          AOI Machine

            Burning Room with temperature  60 degrees Celsius Chamber  Micro Scope         RoHS X-ray Machine
            testing at 50 degrees Celsius

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