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                                                                ing I
                                                                                               ing C
                                                                               ial Net
                                                            ORing Industrial Networking Corp.             .
             Company Information
                   Company Profile
                    Founded in 2005, ORing specializes in developing innovative own-branded products for industrial settings. Over the
                    years, ORing has accumulated abundant experience in wired and wireless network communications industry. In line
                    with the commercialization of 5G, ORing has stretched its arm into the IIoT field, helping customers realize all kinds of
                    IIoT applications such as smart manufacturing, smart city, and industrial automation. With high product quality and best
                    customer services in mind, ORing has continued to launch cutting-edge products catering to customer needs. ORing's
                    products have been widely adopted in surveillance, rail transport, industrial automation, power substations, renewable
                    energy, and marine industries with offices worldwide to address customer needs in real time. For more information, please
                    contact us at

                    Milestone                           2022  •Obtained 62443-1 certificate and passed 62443-2 VOC tests
                                                              •Built strategic partnerships with ITRI to drive net-zero goals
                                                              •Formed New Energy Group to expand in the energy marke

                                                        2021  •Joined ITxPT
                                                              •Launched the first industrial WiFi 6 AP

                                                              ORing has launched a work-from-home solution consisting
                                                              of MagiCollect, MagiConnect, and ConnectGateway to help
                                                              enterprises support their employees working at home.
                                                        2019  •Passed TAICS' IoT Cybersecurity Certification and launched
                                                              KEMA-certified products
                                                              •Weidmüller acquired a minor stake in ORing

                                                        2018  NB-IOT/CAT-M1 product release massive deployment with our
                                                              IOT products

                                                        2017  ORIO + sensor passed NB-IoT testing conducted by Nokia/
                                                              Ericsson’s lab
                                                              Launched ORing’s first cloud platform

                                                        2016  ORing Launched the First Onboard 2.5G/10G Ethernet Switch
                                                              with Copper Interface and PoE Functions
                                                        2015  ORing passes IRIS Certification
                                                              Launched Layer3 10G modular switches & din-rail switch with
                                                              IEC-61850-3 compliance
                                                        2014  Reduced X-Roaming time to less than 60ms and
                                                              launched IEC 60945 certified products for marine applications

                                                        2013  Passed C1D2 Certification in Q3 and
                                                              integrated MRP and Modbus supporting into ORing switches.

                                                        2012  Launched IEC 61850-3 certified products for substations and
                                                              introduced device servers supporting Windows 7 and 8.hes.

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