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Reliability and Simplicity:
The Best of Both Worlds
for Railway Operators


ORing’s Networking Solution for Railway Applications

Reliability is the top priority for railway networks due to high levels of vibration and EMI in the environment. In addition, deploying railway networks is increasingly complicated and difficult since modern railway systems are experiencing more traffic, higher speeds, and longer trains. Operators not only have to ensure uninterrupted connections during train movement but also reconfigure networks as soon as possible when changing train carriages. As an approved partner for highly available data communication solutions on trains and along railroad tracks, ORing’s railway networking solution offers the following advantages.

Rail Certified

Compliant with EN50155, EN50121-4, and EN45545

IRIS Certified

Meets the railway industry's extremely rigorous demands on quality


Simplifies installation and maintenance while reducing deployment costs

Versatile Options

Offers a wide variety of interface including 10GbE, 2.5GbE, GbE, FE, fiber and wireless

Hardware Bypass

Ensures uninterrupted data transmission during power failure


Enables high performance and low latency communications

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Provides fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi connections on trains



  • ORing’s Transporter-series complies with EN50155 standard and is a perfect fit for building TCN (Train Communication Network), CCTV, PIS (Passenger Information System) and passenger Wi-Fi networks.

  • ORing’s railway network solution supports up to 16 PoE ports and can power several PDs at the same time, thus simplifying cabling and management.

  • With IEC 61375-2-5 TTDP and IEC 61375-2-3 TRDP support, ORing’s TGRS-T120 -M12X-BP2-WV will reassign IP addresses automatically and enable data to be transmitted through the TBN (Train Backbone Node) by R-NAT, thus facilitating dynamic changes of train topology.

Train to Ground

  • Data transmission between the train and ground facility is realized via wireless connectivity. When a train approaches or stops at the station, the wireless router’s transmission mode will shift from cellular to Wi-Fi to save data transmission costs.

  • ORing’s 4G/5G routers support dual SIMs which will switch to the backup ISP automatically when the primary ISP fails, thus minimizing the risk of downtime.

  • ORing’s cellular routers installed in the train can transmit data such as monitoring logs, driving records, and ATP to the cloud. They can also be integrated with AI systems to enable remote management and big data analysis.


  • Trackside and onboard devices need to exchange data in real time via wayside networks, so building a secure and reliable wayside network is necessary.

  • All of ORing’s managed switches provide network redundancy in a ring topology, which supports millisecond-level fast recovery when any node in the ring fails. Some models provide 10Gb/s uplinks for building backbone networks.

  • Models with Q-ODC interfaces can support fiber connections up to 550 meters. With immunity to electromagnetic interference, fiber-optic cables are perfect for long-distance wayside data transmissions.

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EN50155 Product

Unmanaged PoE Switch

TGXPS-1080-M12-BP2 Series
8 10/100/500/1000T PoE includes 2 Bypass, 24VDC or 110VDC

12-Port L2 PoE Switch

TGPS-9084GT-M12X Series
10 10/100/1000T (w/8 PoE) + 2 1G Bypass, 24VDC or 110VDC

Backbone Routering Switch

12 10/100/1000T includes 2 Bypass, TTDP/TRDP protocols, 24-110VDC

IP54 PoE Fiber Switch

8 10/100/1000T PoE + 2 1G Q-ODC (Multi-mode, 850nm, 550m), 110VDC

Rack PoE Switch with 10G Uplink

8 10/100/1000T PoE + 4 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Copper Bypass, 110VDC

802.11n plus 4G LTE Router

TGAR-1062/2062 series
1 WiFi 11n + up to 2 4G LTE + 2 10/100/1000T, optional GPS, PoE PD, 24VDC

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TTDP (IEC-61375-2-5) & TRDP(IEC-61375-2-3)

TRDP (Train Real-Time Data Protocol) is one of major information exchange protocol in railway communication system which bases on upper